Online Coaching

One on One Coaching

One on One coaching will deliver you the best results in the shortest amount of time.  You will receive custom tailored training and nutrition plans through the Balanced Life Fitness app as well as access to me and the many other great features listed below.

One on One Coaching Includes:

Access to my app

  • Track your workouts that will be loaded into the app for you
  • View videos of each exercise and how they should be performed
  • Direct message me with questions with maximum 24 hour response
  • Monitor your progress with pictures, weights, and measurements

Training Program Tailored to You

  • Your personal goals
  • Your training level
  • Your time commitment available
  • Personal guidance and adjustments
  • 5 form assessment video reviews per week

Nutrition and Cardio Guidance

  • Cardio program based on your individual needs and adjusted weekly
  • Assessment of current diet or macro intake
  • Macro based program designed specifically for you and adjusted weekly
  • A downloadable guide on tracking macros
  • Supplement guide

Bi-weekly phone call with me

  • Answer your questions
  • Discuss your progress
  • Keep you Accountable

Most Importantly, You will LEARN:

  • How to track your macros
  • How to adjust your macros for your goals
  • How to adjust your cardio
  • How to choose your training plan

Core Nutritionals care package included for every member!

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