About Joe

About Joe

I educate and guide young working professionals to finding a balance between their career, life, health, and fitness while getting into the best shape of their life!  My services and online training methods are a result of hundreds of hours of researching and testing methods that work for someone living a busy lifestyle.  My goal is to teach you how to balance these aspects of your life, to educate you on training and nutrition methods, and to guide you to creating a lifestyle that you enjoy.

My story

I grew up as the skinny kid and at 18 years old I was 6’-2” weighing 145 lbs.  I had a huge passion for building and designing anything, motorcycles and cars especially though.  There was one huge thing that was missing in my life though, confidence.  I was unhappy with my outward appearance, I was made fun of for it, I was ashamed of it.  So ashamed that I didn’t even want to do anything about it for fear of rejection and ridicule.  After a couple years of college, I finally built up the courage (after countless hours of online research) to step foot in the gym and make a change.  That is where my fitness journey started.
I have been working in design engineering for 9 years and striving to succeed in my career, which often times meant working 45, 50, 60+ hours a week.  Having been interested in fitness for over 10 years, I struggled to find a way to balance eating healthy, training appropriately, and excelling at my career.  Through years of trying different diets and different training techniques, I began to find what worked for me and what didn’t.  More importantly, I learned what worked with my lifestyle and what didn’t.  I realized that even the most perfect plan was not perfect if I could not execute and maintain it.
Above all, getting into better shape, looking better, and feeling better, was a huge boost to my self-confidence.  Something that I lacked a great deal of!  I began to execute at my career with more authority.  I took myself more seriously and I was taken more seriously.  I had always had the knowledge, desire, and work ethic to walk the walk but finally I was looking the part too!
Now, as a fitness and lifestyle coach, there is nothing I love more than helping others do the same no matter what stage they are at in their journey.  I spent the majority of my journey without any coaching or guidance and I now know that I would have reached the point I am at now so much sooner had I sought that guidance early on!  Let me explain how I can be that resource, guidance and coach for you!
I use weight training, cardio, and nutrition to get my clients into amazing shape in a sustainable manner that fits their lifestyle.  Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight, or do both, I design a weight training program that fits your schedule because I understand that if it doesn’t fit your schedule that it isn’t sustainable.  I also tailor the program to fit your goals and provide a clear vision of how the program will help you achieve them. I prefer my clients to use a flexible dieting approach.  I understand that not everyone is ready for this from day one though and that is okay.  My goal is to ease you into it if necessary and teach you how to use it because I believe it is the key to never having to “be on a diet” ever again! Ideally, you should be able to get away from religiously tracking your food intake after you understand the principals.  No worries though, I’m here to guide you through that from beginning to end!


My vision is to educate, inspire, and motivate my clients to make the changes necessary in their life to sustainable reach their physique goals.  My goal is for each and every one of my clients to learn so much from me that they can do this on their own and no longer depend on me but rather choose to continue with me because of the inspiration, education, and motivation.

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