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To help you the best that I can and ensure that all of the tools needed to reach your goals are available, I have achieved certification from ISSA in Fitness Nutrition.  Nutrition is key to reaching your best physique and this certification allows a custom nutrition plan to be built just for you!

I want to get to know you, your goals, where you currently are, and where you want to be.  So we start with a discovery phone call to discuss those points about you and find out if you are highly motivated to make a change.

When we begin working together, you will receive a few assignments and a consultation form that will allow me to build a training and nutrition program tailored to your individual needs.  These assignments not only help find what is limiting you from making change, but also ensure that you are getting the help where and when you need it.

You also receive exclusive access to the Balanced Life Fitness App where you can log progress pictures, measurements, weigh-ins, macronutrient intake, and training.  It sounds like a lot, but you will receive guidance entire way!  With an individualized training program, including instructional videos, you are ready to go to work!

Because a life change is not only training and nutrition but also recovery, flexibility, goals, motivation, and education, you are able to provide me feedback on all of these on a regular basis.  Any of these areas can become limiting factors, preventing you from excelling at your progress.  That is when developing an individual plan to eliminate the limiting factor is crucial to breaking those limiting factors!

You will also talk directly to me on the phone on a bi-weekly basis!  Developing a relationship with you is important to me.  It is something that should be personal and educational for you while still providing the results that you are looking for.

Are you a pro macro tracker?  Are you just starting your fitness journey?  Are you trying to be healthier with your busy life?  No matter where you are starting, this is the path to get you where you want to be!

Whether it is developing new habits, learning what foods to eat, guidance on grocery shopping and eating out, or whether you are a pro in those areas and want to take your physique to the next level with a specialty training and nutrition program.

You are one step away from getting where you are now to where you want to be!

Just fill out the application and I can’t wait to talk to you!

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What My Client's Say

"Are you ready to hit your goals for real this time? If Joe was your coach, YOU WILL hit your goals IF you follow his plan. He wont just give you a plan to follow and be done, he will be sending you recipes, grocery ideas, newsletters about safe training techniques, safe supplements to try/benefit you and most of all, encouragement & positive vibes all the way around. Plus, when you struggle, he will strive to help you find that motivation deep within you to continue to keep going. Choosing him to be your coach will result in living the life you’ve always dreamed of."
Online Coaching Client
"Structure, Goals, Accountability. All your blocks of programs offer a sense of self pride and self worth. Checking in with you every week is important to withstand some of the lulls that can occur."
Online Coaching Client